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Healing Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls


It has been centuries since Tibetan singing bowls began to be used for healing and meditation. These bowls produce a variety of sounds which restore the normal vibrations of the mind, body and soul when a person is ill or out of harmony. Healing begins with entrainment of the brainwaves so that they are in sync with the sound of the bowls. To get started, go to


It is believed that illness is a sign of disharmony in the body, or a certain imbalance in the cells or any organ. Because matter is basically energy that vibrates at varying rates, it can be concluded that changing the vibration rate of matter can alter its very structure.


Sounds produced by Tibetan singing bowls lead the brain into the Theta brain wave frequencies, which are responsible for deep meditative states, mind clarity and intuition. The sound vibrations affect our nervous system in a way that makes us relax and depress our stress or pain response.


By listening to Tibetan singing bowls, a person's inner critic is silenced. The sound harmonizes brain waves and improves the mind and body awareness connection.


Each part of the body has a unique resonant frequency. If an organ or any other body part vibrates out of harmony with the rest, it is a state called dis-ease. A body is considered to be in a healthy state when every cell and organ is in harmonious resonance with the entire being.


The use of Tibetan singing bowls for healing is anchored on the premise that any diseased or ill person's flow of energy in the body is hindered. Hindered energy flow causes organs or tissues to vibrate off the healthy frequency, leading to some type of ailment. The sound frequencies produced by Tibetan singing bowls bring back and optimize energy flow in areas or parts of the body where this is needed.


According to the great Tibetan master, Bodhisattva Gwalwa Karmapa himself, Tibet's singing bowls generate the so-called "Sound of the Void," or the sound of the universe letting itself be heard. For centuries upon centuries, Tibetan singing bowls have been used to heal people and transform states of consciousness.


The modern world has also begun to discover the science that works behind this noteworthy archaic modality which even the 21st century world has been benefiting from. Even modern medicine has developed an ability to measure as well as confirm the use of singing bowls as health treatment. Check out for more info.