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A Guide to Buying Tibetan Singing Bowls


Singing bowls were believed to have come from Tibet many long years ago. The monks originally used these bowls even before the Buddhists.


The sounds produced by Tibetan singing bowls are proven to affect our minds and bodies intensely. Its sounds give relaxation to the mind and body so that one is able to concentrate deeply within oneself. The sound and vibrations of healing bowls massages our whole body.


Today, singing bowls are made in Nepal and India. Three or five metals are used for these bowls. Some bowls are even made of seven metals. These are the ones with the highest quality. Singing bowls are individually handmade so that none are exactly the same as another.


How can we buy singing bowls? You should take great care when buying singing bowls. You should know some facts in choosing the right one. Below are some tips to help you buy the right singing bowls.


Carefully study and look at the singing bowls until you find one that you like. These bowls are sometimes also called healing bowls because they can actually heal your mind and your body. If you are into meditation, singing bowls can also be used.


If you go to a store selling singing bowls, you can test its sound by striking the bowl with a stick. A thick wooden stick covered with soft leather on one end is the instrument by which Tibetan singing bowls are played. One way to produce sound is to strike the bowl and another way is to rub the edge with the striker to make ringing, resonant tones and this also makes the bowls to vibrate for a long time. Striking the bowls make them produce sounds that resonate and last for a few minutes with several layers of tones. It produces a rich and heavy note. Select the bowls whose sound touches your heart and impresses you.


The sounds and vibrations produced by the singing bowls helps a person relax and concentrate from within. This will cause the healing of your mind and your body. Vibration is used for the actual healing of the ailing parts of your body. Vibrating frequencies is responsible for putting your mind at ease.


Buying online is another option. In online stores, check if they have audio clips of the singing bowl on sale. Good stores have these audio clips so that you can hear the sounds that the bowls make. Some stores can provide you with samples so that you can check its quality.


The pitch of the bowl is higher, the smaller it is. The bigger bowls have lower and heavier pitch. Find the right bowl for you depending on pitch and the sound you want.


There are machine and handmade bowls. The handmade ones are better because they are special and unique. Machine made are just duplicates of each other. Handmade Silver Sky singing bowls have better sound quality as compared to machine made ones. Click here to see more options.