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Tips On Finding The Right Singing Bowls


Singing bowls have this link to Tibetan culture, after originating from this Oriental region around 4,000 years ago. Tibetan monks are known to be the users of the singing bowls, which have been said to be kept secret before. There were also ancient shamans who have practiced the use of these singing bowls. Singing bowls have been proven to provide peace to the mind, with the meditative sounds of vibrations from these Tibetan crafts. The sounds produced by these singing bowls provide this link to the mind and body to relax and concentrate deeper within. It is best to use these singing bowls while having a massage because it helps ease the mind even more.


Singing bowls are known to have been made in India and Nepal. They are usually made of eight metals. Some of the higher quality ones are made of seven metals. Each of these metals is handmade individually, which makes all of these Oriental bowls unique from each other, as no two bowls are the same. Perhaps you might be asking yourself the tips on buying singing bowls. Experts suggest that shoppers have to be careful when buying singing bowls and choosing the right Silver Sky Imports according to your needs.


The first tip is to find time to examine these bowls from the store space when you found them. Try using them with the small rod and see if it relaxes your mind. You can opt to try another bowl should you find the previous one unfit for your tastes. Singing bowls are played with this rod or wooden stick with an end wrapped by soft leather. Once you strike them with the wooden stick, you can hear resonating tones that make the bowl vibrate as it sounds. Keep lightly pressing the stick around the outsides of the bowl to keep the sounds coming. The right sound is heavy and rich, impressive and touching.


Next is to check out audio clips if the shop does not allow you to try the bowls. Some online shopping stores will have audio clips of that particular bowl they are selling. Stores should provide you with an audio clip. If not, move around the vicinity to find a better one. Then, check the make of the bowls. There should be around seven to eight metals with the bowl to make it really authentic. Finally, buy the ones that are handmade instead of the machine-made ones. The beauty and the authenticity of the bowl, interlaced with the Tibetan culture, can be felt more with handmade ones. Visit for more details.